Programs + Services

Veterans Service Center

The Veterans Service Center provides program services to assist military personnel make a smooth TRANSITION from active duty to civilian life. The VSC is dedicated to servicing military personnel, veterans and their families in the areas of:

Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program


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Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program features an outreach component using veterans who themselves have experienced homelessness. The emphasis on helping homeless veterans obtain and retain jobs is enhanced through the many linkages and coordination with various veterans' services programs and organizations such as the Disabled Veterans' Outreach Program stationed in the local employment service offices of the State Workforce Agencies, One-Stop Centers, as well as the Departments of Veterans Affairs, Housing and Urban Development, and Health and Human Services.

We provide and specialize in the following services:

  • Job Placement

  • Vocational Training

  • Resume Development

  • VA Benefits Counseling

  • Interview Attire

  • Transitional and Permanent Housing Placement

  • Transportation for Job Interviews

  • Employment Workshops and Job Club

For an appointment please contact:
HVRP1 Employment Specialist: (718)852-6004 Ext. 252
HVRP1 Job Coach: (718)852-6004 Ext. 269
Or email us at: 

Food Pantry Services

(Coming soon)

BVSJ Veterans Resource Center Food Panty provides individuals and families with necessary access to nutritional options, on average the Veterans Resource Center serves 140 community participants.  BVSJ’s Pantry identified that the food pantry participants were swapping food items from a pre-bagged pantry process.  Now BVSJ offer pantry participants the opportunity to shop for the items they will use, one of each item is approved.  BVSJ has noticed that this has decreased waist of unwanted food items. 

Jobs to Build On (The Consortium for Workers Education)

The New York city Council has created a unique partnership linking labor unions, community groups and a network of respected workforce providers to mobilize efforts that will benefit job seekers, the under employed and the unemployed New Yorkers.

Jobs to Build On (JtBO) helps you find the right career by focusing on industries that are growing jobs. All services, including job preparation and job placement are absolutely free. The JtBO Network is sponsored by the council’s Black, Latino and Asian Caucus and the New York City Central Labor Council’s

Consortium for Workers Education (CWE). It is funded by the council.

To be eligible for JtBO services you only need the following:

  1. To be at least 18 years of age

  2. Have proof of address

  3. To be unemployed or underemployed

  4. To be actively seeking employment and/or vocational training

If you are interested in participating in the JtBO program, please contact LaTonya Nelson at 718-852-6004 ext. 272 or e-mail

Veterans Action Group

Our Veterans Action Group is a voluntary association of veterans from various walks of life that are connected to our organization. Some are clients of our organization, others are board members, a couple are former employees and a few are community volunteers and donors to the organization. Through the Veterans Action Group, we provide the following community building initiatives entirely free of charge to members of the New York City Community.

The Veterans Action Group also leverages relationships with partners and top-notch experts to provide free educational seminars on: establishing a business, applying for a street vendor’s license, the basics of retirement planning, purchasing your first home, mental health maintenance” and completing the 2010 census form.