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STEPH Program(Solution To End Homelessness Program)

The STEHP program assists individuals and families to remain in or obtain permanent housing and assistance with supportive services during their experience of homelessness, eviction, and housing stabilization. STEHP supports comprehensive programs designed to help maintain and improve the quality of emergency and transitional shelters and drop-in centers for homeless individuals and families. Contact Ms. Katrina Little (718) 852-6004 x 294

HUD Program(Housing and Urban Development)

BVSJ wants to help prevent homelessness for vulnerable individuals and families who are threatened with the loss of their housing but require assistance.
HUD provides rental assistance for up to 12 months for veterans, former shelter residents and community residents.

Contact Ms. Paisha Roberts (718) 852-6004 x 296 or email

JTBO Program

JTBO Program(Jobs to Build On) JTBO helps you find the right career by focusing on industries that are growing jobs. All services, including job preparation and job placement, are absolutely free. The JtBO Network is sponsored by the council’s Black, Latino and Asian Caucus and the New York City Central Labor Council. The Consortium for Workers Education (CWE) is funded by the council. To be eligible for JtBO services, you must: Be at least 18 years of age, Have proof of address, Be unemployed or underemployed, Be actively seeking employment or vocational training. If you are interested in participating in the JtBO program, Contact Ms. LaTonya Nelson at (718)852-6004 x 272 or email here.

Food Pantry Services

Our Food Pantry Program provides veterans and families with necessary access to nutritional food options throughout the five boroughs. BVSJ offers pantry participants the opportunity to shop for the items they will use as we continue the fight against food poverty. These services are offered twice a month on alternating Wednesdays.
Consortium for Workers Education/Jobs to Build On prepares clients for work focusing on job readiness, interviewing techniques, resume writing and support services for secure job retention. Supported by the New York City Council, Jobs to Build On targets growing industries in New York City and collaborates with labor unions and community partner agencies to provide direct job placement and meaningful employment to program graduates each year. Jobs to Build On also facilities hiring into BVSJ programs.
Emergency Rental Assistance Program has provided rental assistance for 2,745 low to middle-income Brooklyn families at risk of eviction and homelessness due to interrupted employment and other personal setbacks stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic through January 2023.
Solutions to End Homelessness Program helps individuals and families secure permanent housing and assistance with supportive services during homelessness, the eviction process and housing stabilization. The comprehensive program design helps maintain and improve the quality of experience and reduces the dependency on emergency and transitional shelters and drop-in centers for homeless individuals and families.
Food Insecurity Prevention is a volunteer collaboration with the Hello Fresh Company whereby BVSJ voluntarily distributes 2,000 fresh, healthy, high-quality meals to veteran families and community members experiencing food insecurity. Donations occur every Wednesday afternoon at BVSJ Headquarters in Central Brooklyn and around New York City. Distribution is completely free of charge, with no questions asked.
The Closet is a volunteer effort whereby the organization collects, cleans, manages, and shares work-appropriate clothing and winter coats with veterans and community members to BVSJ clients in need.
Creative Forces events at BVSJ include a four-part jazz concert series in partnership with the National Jazz Museum in Harlem. The project offers a creative and healing space for veteran jazz artists to expand their audience member’s knowledge and understanding of the veteran and black cultural experience through jazz. These events are co-produced by BVSJ and the National Jazz Museum in Harlem.


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The Veterans Service Center provides program services to assist military personnel in transitioning smoothly from active duty to civilian life.



BVSJ’s Housing Department has developed an extensive portfolio of diverse housing opportunities for veterans and marginalized New Yorkers.



The New York City Council has created a unique partnership linking labor unions, community groups and a network of respected workforce providers to mobilize efforts that will benefit job seekers, the under-employed and the unemployed New Yorkers.



In partnership with The Staff Sergeant Parker Gordon Fox Program, BVSJ provides services to meet the needs of Veterans and their families through outreach, suicide prevention services, connection to VA and community resources.


Join a fundraising initiative to help a veteran recover and transition into everyday life. Whether biking across the country or running a marathon, hosting a fundraiser is a great way to give back to our nation’s heroes.


Online donations are a cost-effective way to support a veteran and their families. Gifts may be made monthly or in honor/in memory of an individual or organization. We depend on your support.
“I believe that sacrifice for your country is the true definition of patriotism. At Black Veterans for Social Justice, we continue that sacrifice by providing services for our nation’s heroes.”

Fritz Montfleury

United States Air Force