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Community Activities

Listed below are the community seminars, workshops and activities sponsored by Black Veterans for Social Justice:


Martin Luther King Day of Service 

BVSJ staff are encouraged to volunteer with an agency or organization based on staff’s self-interest, examples soup kitchens, HIV Supportive Housing Programs, Harm Reduction / Substance Use just to name a few. Veterans are provided information on agencies and organizations hiring veterans.

Black History Month

February is Black History Month and BVSJ will host and sponsor several community events to promote and support Black History Month.  BVSJ’s event are designed for all ages, race, and ethnicity.

Malcom X Holiday

May 17, is a Black Veterans for Social Justice Honorary Holiday Celebrating the Birth and Life of Malcom X, we call this day ‘Black Solidarity Day”.  The founding Veterans identified this holiday as also a day of service with the 7 Principals of KWANAA

Memorial Day Parade

May is also Black Veterans for Social Justice’s Annual Memorial Day Parade.  In 2011, the fearless leader of Black Veterans for Social Justice, Wendy McClinton President and CEO decided that the political battle of New York City Wide Memorial Day Parade was not in line with BVSJ’s Mission for Memorial Day.  Therefore, Wendy McClinton began the first annual BVSJ Memorial Day Parade. Since 2011 BVSJ staff, supports and community partners meet at Restoration Plaza in Brooklyn BVSJ, there is a Rally and Battle Cry for Veterans Rights.  Then BVSJ staff, supporters and other stakeholders march   down Marcy Avenue making a visual and audible presence known all the way to 665    Willoughby Ave BVSJ Headquarters.  In 2019 BVSJ had its first Stand Down during the Memorial Day Celebration. A Military Stand Down has historically been a time for military personnel to rejuvenate and prepare for battle.  The Stand Down was a such a success that it will become an annual affair. 

Gala on the Sea Fundraiser

Gala on the Sea happens every year in August.  Gala on the Sea is an annual Fundraiser for Black Veterans for Social Justice, Inc.  Gala on the Sea has been a successful effort to raise funds that BVSJ use to provide quality services to veterans.


Every year BVSJ offer a safe place for children of veterans and the community to celebrate the new harvest.  This event is held every year on October 31.

Veterans Day Parade

Veterans Day is in November and Black Veterans for Social Justice proudly participate in    New York City Veterans Day Parade.  In 2019 Job Mashariki, one of the Founders and    former CEO / President was the Honorary Grand Marshall to celebrate his over 40 years of services and to Honor BVSJ’s 40 years for providing services that has changed lives.    This event is an annual event and BVSJ’s staff come together and support the veterans we serve.

Family Day

Family Day is an annual event Honoring our Veterans and the community that support them with a family day luncheon.  This event is usually the week before the American   holiday Thanksgiving. This event has always been an opportunity for BVSJ to honor our Veterans.

Kwanzaa Celebration

KWANZAA is a seven day celebration in December focusing on unity, self-determination, collective action, creativity, and faith. The principles of KWANZAA are the foundation of the Black Veterans for Social Justice core values.


Gala on the Sea 2015

Computer Access

Computer Access

Food Pantry

Food Pantry

Veterans Of Yesterday Meet Veterans Of Today

Veterans Of Yesterday Meet Veterans Of Today

Bed-Stuy Community Legal Services Luncheon

Bed-Stuy Community Legal Services Luncheon