BVSJ History

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Job Mashariki

Founder, BVSJ

All services entail tender loving care and a listening ear.
— Job Mashariki, Founder, and Former President and CEO, BVSJ


On April 18th, 1979, a group of veterans from all branches of the military representing enlistees from WWII through Vietnam, came together to provide assistance to veterans with problems. Some immediate problems faced were racism and racist policies, little or poor medical  and rehabilitative services, unemployment, no re-entry preparation into society. Many soldiers leaving the military lack of knowledge of their rights or the agencies willing to help them.  Some veterans experienced  hostile social attitudes and a high percentage suffered from exposure to the lethal toxin "Agent Orange", and continual readjustment obstacles.

B.V.S.J., Inc. has evolved since its humble beginnings into a community fixture, as much as the men and women veterans from this community.  While a new generation of veteran has served this country, many have the same problems especially poor medical services, unemployment and inadequate services for soldiers re-entering into civilian society.

B.V.S.J employees help veterans and veterans help the community. At Black Veterans for Social Justice, we provide "tender loving care and a listening ear" to all veterans and community residents that seek to be a productive part of society.


BVSJ believes:

All persons could be productive, positive contributions to society, no matter what sex, race, social class, military labels or problems may beset them;

All humans wish to do the right thing, but do not often get the opportunity;

Given a boost, a helping hand, all people, particularly veterans, would respond positively and productively.

Mission and Values

We will provide program services to assist military personnel making a smooth transition from active duty to civilian life.  We are dedicated to servicing military personnel, veterans and their families in the areas of social readjustment, housing, employment, compensation, disability, substance abuse, medical treatment, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, family intervention, prison counseling and relocation into the community, legal advocacy, discharge up-grade and redress of grievances within and outside the military.

We will provide counseling, benefits information and "tender loving care and an listening ear"!