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Rep. Hakeem Jeffries announces $1 million in funds to help Black veterans grop

Jeffries…. headed to Bedford–Stuyvesant on Friday for a Veterans Resource Fair, where he announced the funding for the BVSJ’s Incarcerated Veterans Transitional Program…

Hakeem Jeffries

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries Delivers a One Million Dollar Check to Black Veterans For Social Justice…

Schumer vows to fight Biden admin plan to close two NYC veterans hospitals

Wendy McClinton, who served in Operation Desert Storm and serves as president and CEO of Black Veterans for Social Justice, added, “If you close these facilities…

NYC veterans demand better services during rally at City Hall

Veterans demanding better services rallied at city hall Wednesday…

Ahead of Veteran’s Day, Brownsville honors local vets at 4th annual parade and resource fair

Elected officials and community nonprofits that specialize in veteran’s affairs “came out in full force” to support their neighbors this year….

Black Women Veterans Demand Social Justice

When I joined Black Veterans for Social Justice in 1997, I was the only female veteran in the organization…

Black veterans turn to community volunteering to help fellow veterans in need

 When Lashena Boyer left the Navy in 2011, her commitment to serve did not end…

Advocates for homeless vets face next big challenge: inflation

…federal officials and housing advocates are hoping their efforts in coming months can lead to a significant decline in the number of veterans experiencing homelessness.

Organization preserves legacy of Black women in the armed forces

Wendy McClinton still remembers her surprise hearing she’d been accepting…..

Black veterans hold annual parade while calling out need for more services and resources

The eighth annual Black Veterans for Social Justice Parade took place Monday in Bed-Stuy.The event kicked off with a moment of silence in honor of those who sacrificed their lives for freedom.Before the parade, the group highlighted the need for more essential services and resources for Black veterans, who they say have historically been marginalized.Afterward,… Continue reading Black veterans hold annual parade while calling out need for more services and resources