Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program:
The homeless women veteran and homeless female veteran with children program "where women veterans work to improve the lives of homeless women veterans".

HVRP is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor; HVRP's purpose is to provide employment related services to assist in the reintegration of homeless female veterans into meaningful employment within the labor force.

CEO/President Wendy
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veteran Ms. Lasit 

The HVRP team provides an array of services utilizing a case management approach that directly assiss homeless female veterans as well as provide critical linkages for a variety of supportive services available in their local communities. HVRP is “employment focused” and veterans receive the employment and training services they need in order to reenter the labor force. Job placements, vocational training, job development, career counseling, resume preparation, are among the services that are provided directly or through a referral process. Homeless female veterans with children are growing a population with special needs. Here at BVSJ we try to provide tools to help those women veterans and their families.   Supportive services includes referrals for interview clothing, to temporary, transitional or permanent housing, medical or substance abuse treatment, assistance with transportation and issuing of food pantries.


HVRP Staff will assist by:

  • Removing barriers to employment
  • Creating training and employment opportunities
  • Creating and maintaining linkages with employers for post employment follow up 
  • Coordinating needed resources to improve job retention
  • Providing immediate housing referrals whenever possible.  Coming in February 2012 - BVSJ’s Rapid And Emergency Housing (RAEH) units for homeless women Veterans
  • Maintaining a private network of building owners  (of apartments and SROs) who accepts HUD- VASH Vouchers, &
  • Referrals to BVSJ’s Grant Per Diem Program and other Network Partners offering a full range of supportive services.

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Children's Den

All women Veterans with young children are welcome to bring their children along for their initial assessments and follow up appointments --- children are made comfortable and at home in HVRP Children’s Den while the woman Veteran completes her assessment or interview with a HVRP 3staff.

Children's Resiliency Program

ResilancyBlack Veterans for Social Justice Inc. Children’s Resiliency Program supports the overall well-being and healthy growth of veterans’ children. The program offers children ages 5 through 21 a safe space to develop and improve self-image, relationships with their families and the communities in which they live, and encourage lifelong learning, positive time management skills, appropriate decision making and behavior.

"I came to be involved with Black Veterans for Social Justice when I was unemployed, faced with financial hardship and homelessness. I was assess by HVRP and was then invited to attend multiple Thursday workshops. At the BVSJ Thursday workshops I learned of so many resources that were available to me. I obtained the assistance I needed to help get my life back on track. I also took advantage of benefits available to me that I had no idea existed. Black Veterans for Social Justice offered me part time employment as an Outreach Specialist which helped my financial situation also giving me an opportunity to establish a foundation to turn my life around. Before my part time temporary position was expired, Black Veterans for Social Justice offered me a full time position as an Employment Specialist. I am grateful and thankful to Black Veterans for Social Justice for allowing me to be that individual to help encourage other veterans and give back to my community."

Monique Hawley

For an appointment please contact:

HVRP Job Coach, 718-852-6004, Ext 255
HVRP Employment Specialist, 718-852-6004, Ext. 270
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