Pamoja House Next Step Mens Shelter

Pamoja House is a 200 bed men’s shelter that provides temporary shelter for 383 men annually. Pamoja House provides nutritious meals, employment preparation, job placement, substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling and long-term housing placement to each resident. Pamoja House specializes in managing a homeless population that was refused from other shelters in New York City and is a “next-step” facility. Residents of Pamoja House were deemed “non-compliant” in general population shelters approximately half of our residents are formerly incarcerated or had some contact with the criminal justice system. The shelter permits residents from age 18 to 65, but the bulk of the population are quite young, between the ages 18 to 40. Residents of Pamoja House receive case management services and 383 residents are placed in housing that ranges from single room occupancies, to special-needs, subsidized housing to market rate housing.

Pamoja House encourages the independence of its residents within a yet disciplined, shelter operation. Clients meet twice weekly with case managers and are required to make monthly house meetings. We strictly enforce all operational rules – such as a 8pm curfew, instead of the typical 10 pm for most shelters. Each resident is required to account for “productive” daytime hours. Productive daytime hours include work, job hunting, day treatment, social service and or medical appointments, volunteer work or the enrollment in a vocational preparation program.

We provide cultural programs such as Family Day Dinner and an annual cultural celebrations during the holiday season and year-round, small-group experiences that focus on spiritual development, men’s health, mental health maintenance; Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous support groups and independent living.

Black Veterans for Social Justice, Inc.
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